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This award-winning quick & handy technical guide to creating professional cover letters will help you become an expert, create and format in Microsoft® Word with your unique style, and help your message to stand out for positive results. It will reduce the time you spend in creating outstanding cover letters.

In a step-by-step process, this clear navigation guide will lead you to discover features in Word you‘ve never used before. It will make efficient use of your training time by providing focus and easy access to information.

Whether it’s for a business proposal, résumé, request for funding, or other communication, the cover letter makes the initial impression and must persuade the reader to read further.

  • “What I love about the guide is that there’s so much good, practical information even for someone who has used Microsoft Word for years. The guide is pleasantly written for ‘real people’.”

    Mary Kay B.Business Consultant
  • This Guide helped me uncover options in Microsoft Office 2010 that I didn’t know existed. The author knows technology inside and out – but she also understands our business needs and how to apply tools to create and publish really professional documents in a way that saves time and frustration.
    Jan M.Non-profit
  • These simple quick tips make life easier from a formatting/editing/reviewing perspective and gives me back the gift of time.
    Stacey D.Small Business Owner





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